venerdì 11 gennaio 2013

Bonnie Guitar - Only The Moon Man Knows

Hello, Hello, Please Answer The Phone If You See My Love Dancing Two Loves Have I Clinging Vine (& Lee Gotch) Dream Dreamers Lover Oh Lover Open The Door To Your Heart My Heart Turned Gypsy In The Heart Of A Song If You Don't Care (& Tom Tall) Only The Moon Man Knows I Feel A Heartache Comin' On Fool Around Lover Oh Lover Heart's Desire Shanty Boat Please, My Love Frantic Party You Gave Her Your Kisses Where Are The Words Heart's Desire Innocent Lies Everybody Knew But Me Don't Keep Me Waitin Don't Bring Me Roses Red I Couldn't Believe It Was True Ain't You 'Shamed Midget Auto Blues Robin In The Pine The Cherry Tree Cowboy Serenade Sailing Thru The Sunny San Juan Isles I Lost My Turkey (In The Depot In Albuquerque) Bronco Buster's Rag (Instrumental)